Safe Haven LGBTQ

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Mission Statement: Through peer to peer empowerment, we build off each other to be stronger individuals helping out as a whole.

•We are a team of talk leaders that take what we have learned throughout our life in the LGBTQ+ community and apply to people who haven’t gone through the struggles yet, and possibly not know how to survive it.
•Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death to LGBTQ+ community. We are here to lessen the number by simply, helping each other.
•Love always wins.
•Talk leaders are our peers. Anyone in the LGBTQ+ community that is willing to share their stories, advice & more with others that are struggling, unsure or just want to learn more.
•Talk leaders will be anonymous to protect them from any harm that could come down the road.
•To be a talk leader you must be 16+ years old & willing to log into the app at least once a day.
•A user will open the app and be prompted to answer their sexuality, why they are in the app, and where they are located (city and state only)
•They will then be paired with a talk leader that has the most similar qualities to best help them with whatever they are here for.
•They will then have their conversation with their leader until satisfied & will then be brought to the next page which will be the main home for the resources, community boards, etc.

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