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“Hope and help” for victims of sex trafficking. We are a safe zone for the LGBTQ community!
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Theresa Jenkins

Author Theresa Caldwell Jenkins book, “A Diary From Hell: A Child Being Sold in America,” is available in a Kindle edition, it chronicles her terrifying childhood as a victim of sex trafficking.

“Child sex trafficking is a crime that perpetrators take great pains to hide,” said Jenkins. “It’s a crime that robs children of their innocence and it needs to be brought into the light.”

“A Diary From Hell” is Jenkins’ true story of lost innocence at the hands of the adults in her life that she trusted the most. The 2017 Quill Award winner takes readers into the world of horrors she endured for years, a sex slave with no voice or hope.

Jenkins has now established Hauts Talon Rouges, a non-profit organization founded in the Washington, D.C. metro area. The non-profit helps victims of sex trafficking, individuals within the LGBTQ community. Theresa was kept in a closet, beaten daily, and sometimes allowed to eat. When she thought the situation couldn’t get any worse, she was left in the care of a family member who began selling her young body to men for sex.

The abuse continued into her adolescence and while other youngsters were playing and planning parties, Jenkins was locked in a daily hell. A child welfare system designed to protect children failed her numerous times and she was sent back to live with her abusers.

By the time Jenkins was 11, she’d attempted suicide seven times to escape the horror of human trafficking. Left with no other option, she ran away and lived on the streets of Cincinnati, OH. She was eventually caught and became a child of the system, being shuttled among a series of children’s homes and foster homes. Theresa has dedicated her life to helping others overcome tragedy and adversity. For speaking engagements please send all info: info@hautstalonsrouges.com

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