Activemen Clothing

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Website has officially opened. The sportswear website to go to for the fashion conscious man looking for quality sports gear.


Whatever water sport you love we’ve got you covered. From the best swimwear for the pool to your triathlon wetsuit you’ll find all you need and more in our Aqua collection.

Whether you are a commuter, a keen competitor or simply one who enjoys a lesiurely cycle on the weekend, ensure you have the right clothing and equipment to suit your needs.

Gym & Fitness
Whether you want gym gear, fitness clothing or just something sharp for when you’re out and about, find the best clothing here.

Rest and flexibility are as important as any other aspect of your fitness lifestyle so make sure you’re comfortable when meditating, doing yoga or just lounging about.

Lesiuretime can often be the most important part of men’s lives. Ensure you are comfortable and relaxed in your leisurewear and explore undiscovered brands to seperate you from your friends.

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